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Hello and welcome to my blog. Ask for my name and you shall receive. I've aged 26 years; I'm Hmong and I'm a Wisconsinite (go Packers & Badgers!). My blog contains stuff I find interesting/stirs my heart and pieces of my life. I appreciate any follows that I get and will usually follow back. Questions? Ask away.

Oh rain…

Oh rain…

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What Can You Do To Make Waking Up Easier? →



Let the Sun Shine In

Don’t cover your windows with so many layers of curtains that the sun can’t possibly get in to disturb you. We’ve already established that you have trouble waking up, so why would you want to make it even easier to sleep in?

Unless you’re living in Alaska and the…

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Being good to each other is so important, guys.

Just be understanding…. It’s all I ask for

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Giovani Bonamy for Sixth June

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AU: Stiles breaks something in his jeep once a week just so he can stare at Derek’s finer assets.

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